About Us


The world is changing fast and the world of lending must change with it.

In 2020, the global pandemic pushed millions of Americans closer to the financial brink. There are more Americans living paycheck to paycheck today than at any point in US history. Many live don’t have a credit score or have poor credit. These individuals have traditionally been forced to pay exorbinant and often predatory interest rates.

Until now…

The Opportunity DAO looks beyond a person’s credit score giving millions of Americans a new way to get the money they need. The DAO is built off the idea of ‘social staking’ that companies like Kiva and Hope International have used to great effect.

To use the DAO a borrowing must have a friend who is willing to back them for a portion of their total loan amount. The Opportunity DAO is then able to loan the remaining needed liquidity in a systematic way.

The majority of the individuals who are unable to access credit come from traditional disadvantaged minority groups in America. The cycle of debt that hold people back from the dreams of a financial freedom, starting a business, or going back to school.

Our mission with the DAO is help lift millions of people around the world up through the power of charitable lending. We fight against those who wish to profit off those in need. We fight with those who want believe in the centuries old idea of offering a hand to a fellow human in need.

Let’s give the next generation of borrowers a new opportunity. Join us!


We are here to help