Our Partners are everything


The Opportunity DAO would not exist without our incredible partners. Charitable organizations, corporations, and individuals are waking up to the vast inequality that is leaving many people behind.

Why Charitable Lending? A fair low-interest loan is one of the best ways to help society. Instead of just giving to one individual your dollars, that money can be continually lent out to many people in need. 

The impact of your donation is multiplied, with the potential to help hundreds of individuals over many years with just a single donation.

Why Opportunity? Over 85% of the individuals seeking loans with no credit score or a poor score are from black, hispanic, and immigrant communities. These groups are the ones most affected by predatory lending. High-interest loans have left millions of people in an endless ‘debt-cycle’ that not only takes money but also hurts their pride.

Join the DAO and watch your money go to work. Help a single black mother repair her car so she can make it to work. Help a new immigrant find the money to start his side business. Everytime money is paid back into the system it is immediately lent out again based on a highly advanced system.


Partners are everything

We can exist because of our amazing partners! Will you be one?